We believe cakes, no matter how beautifully presented, are delicious treats - meant to be savoured. Only the tastiest, quality ingredients are used in our kitchen!


Very vanilla
Light vanilla sponge cake filled with vanilla pastry cream + vanilla buttercream
Classic lemon
Luscious lemon sponge with tangy and sweet lemon +vanilla frosting
Fruit Cake
Very fruity and boozy
Chocolate heaven
Rich and dark chocolate cake filled with delicious indulgent chocolate frosting
Spiced carrot
A delicious spiced +moist carrot cake filled with our vanilla buttercream
Cookie and cream
Oreo filled vanilla cake covered in vanilla and cookies buttercream
Raspberry dream
White or dark choclate cake filled with layers of raspberry jam and dark or white chocolate buttercream
Light and fluffy pineapple and coconut cake with coconut filled buttercream
Orange chiffon
Light and fluffy white or dark orange flavored cake filled with a tangy and sweet orange buttercream
Layers of tiramisu cake soak with rum and covered with mascarpone buttercream
Strawberry cream
Fully vanilla cake filled with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream
Sprinkle filled vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream and loaded with more sprinkles
Salted caramel
Dark or white cake stuffed with salted caramel and frosted with a caramel churred buttercream
Chocolate mint
Layers of chocolate cake filled with mint buttercream and chocolate ganache
Moist Blueberry cake filled with Blueberry compote and covered in vanilla buttercream


The size of your cake is generally determined by the number of servings required for your event.


0.5 kg - 5 to 10 People
1 kg - 10 to 15 People
1.5 kgs - 15 to 20 People
2 kgs - 20 to 25 People


Our cakes are quoted on an individual basis and are based on servings required and design components. Send in your specifics on our Enquire page to receive a quote.


1 Kg from Ksh. 2000
1.5 Kg from Ksh. 2800
2 Kg from Ksh. 3500


Regular Cupcakes from Ksh. 130 each
Minimum 6 per flavour and design

Mini cakes from Ksh. 120 each
Minimum 12 per flavour and design
Strawberry tart - Ksh. 2500
Apple Pie - Ksh. 2500
White Chocolate + Strawberry tart - Ksh. 3200
(medium sized tarts and pies)
Cinnamon Rolls - Ksh. 120
Brownies - Ksh. 180
Doughnuts - Ksh. 150
Rasins scones - Ksh. 150
(Above minimum order of 6 per item)
Assorted cookie box - Ksh. 800
Cupcakes - Ksh. 130
(With orange, coffee, grand manier, strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, peppermint or vanilla frosting)
Oatmeal  banana bread - Ksh. 1200
Coconut lime bread - Ksh. 850
Banana + Chocolate chip loaf cake - Ksh. 850
Banana + coconut loaf cake- Ksh. 1200
Lemon + poppy seeds loaf cake - Ksh. 1200
Carrot + Chocolate loaf cake - Ksh. 1500
Apple cinnamon Crumbled - Ksh. 1200
Double Chocolate Zucchini - Ksh. 1500
Fruit + Nut loaf cake- Ksh. 1500
Gingerbread - Ksh. 850
Lemon + Blueberry - Ksh. 850
Orange marble - Ksh. 850
Cinnamon swirl - Ksh. 850
Vanilla pound - Ksh. 850
Capuccino coffee - Ksh. 1200