French vanilla

Moist vanilla cake infused with vanilla syrup and layered with vanilla buttercream.

Midnight Classic

Moist chocolate cake soaked with raspberry sauce filled with chocolate raspberry buttercream.

Tropical Caribbean

Moist and zesty cake, soaked with orange and pineapple juice and syrup, layered with coconut buttercream.

Apple Caramel

Light and moist caramel cake layered with apple compote and caramel flavored buttercream

Vanilla + basil

Moist and light vanilla cake infused with vanilla syrup and layered with fragrant basil buttercream.

Lemon thyme

Fresh thyme makes this cake refreshing with a strong lemon flavor. Pairs well with citrusy or classic vanilla buttercream.

Chocolate heaven

Light and moist, layered with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream. Perfect cake for chocolate lovers.

Spiced carrot + toasted nuts

Moist and full of delightful spices with toasted nuts for a textural contrast.

White chocolate + Raspberry

Fudge and decadent flavor of white chocolate layered with raspberry sauce and buttercream.

Strawberry vanilla

Moist vanilla cake layered with fresh strawberry sauce and buttercream.

Coconut lime

Zesty key lime cake layered with coconut and vanilla buttercream.

Blueberry vanilla

One of our most requested flavours. Every layer is filled with fresh blueberry jam, hints of lemon, sweet vanilla and layered with creamy blueberry buttercream.

Classic lemon

Luscious lemon cake with tangy and sweet lemon vanilla frosting.

Vanilla Latte

Light and moist vanilla cake soaked with vanilla and coffee syrup, layered with coffee buttercream.

White chocolate + passion

Sweet, tangy and refreshing with decadent white chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate orange

Moist chocolate cake with fragrant orange zest, layered with decadent dark chocolate ganache and orange flavored buttercream

Cookie and cream

Light and moist oreo vanilla cake infused with vanilla syrup and layered with oreo buttercream.

Chocolate + lotus biscoff

Moist chocolate cake, layered with lotusf biscoff spread, biscuits and buttercream.

Zucchini + chocolate

Moist zucchini chocolate cake, layered with vanilla buttercream.

Fruit cake

Boozy and full of flavor

Salted caramel

Moist white or dark chocolate cake infused with caramel syrup, layered with salted caramel sauce and buttercream.



Cakes contain dairy, eggs and nuts. We are currently not an allergen-free kitchen